Clear money management for betting use

You should also make sure that you always know your assignments and not put too much of your account balance on a single game, in order to prevent total loss. Have proved useful unit systems. 1/10 units is the minimum commitment, 10/10 units, the highest use (for special safe bets). We recommend that 10/10 units in your account for 5-10% of total assets, i.e. a balance of € 100 then € 5-10.

One of the most important tips is only use the money to bet that you can easily lose it. Do not put money that you actually need to do other things! Moreover, as already mentioned above: no money to pump! Where attract high profits because lurking high risks – namely the risk that you will lose your money. The more games you tap, the lower the chance is (the high quotas are therefore not by chance).

If you put multiple games with a provider, you do not exceed the maximum rates from the market are limited to a quota range. Therefore: fun bets, e.g. 1 € 10 are on multiple bet certainly ok and for your amusement. High Stakes on folds – hands off! They generally prefer to play singles.

Warn Games

Very important is also to research all games previously to study statistics, tables, and direct comparisons in the past, etc… To a few games / teams and not restrict the type team, which is known. This is also an important task of a bookie for example, his soccer betting. Do you want to have a good nose for predictions; you should be as good as he should. Bet if possible not on their favourite teams. You must be largely objective, bet better and be successful and can back up only as the respect of colleagues.


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