UCAM Murcia stands in 1st position in Spain’s basketball league(information about this league and many others basketball leagues worldwide could be seen at allpro) currently ranked 16th in the chart and fighting to avoid relegation. The lead’s projection in the relegation zone is only two points. Therefore, a win would be very important in order to make sure that they manage to defend the 16th place.

After four home wins in a row, the confidence is high and they believe that they can win against Zaragoza. UCAM Murcia has a total of a 7-6 score in the league at home, which is actually not so bad. In the last two home games Murcia won clearly against Valladolid (85:56) and Gran Canaria (76:60). Whoever can beat these two teams is clear to be seen as the favorites against Zaragoza. If Murcia do not collapse completely on home soil, then we firmly believe in a victory for them.

In the league, CAI Zaragoza is currently at the 7th position in the chart, and is struggling to participate in the playoffs as well. Eight more games are to be completed in the main round. Still, the team has a long way to go, and this is why wins always do good. Zaragoza are doing very badly in the away games. Five of the last six away games were lost. So we see Zaragoza in the underdog role.

Overall, the team has a 3-9 score abroad, which is not enough, in our opinion, in order to defeat Murcia. Zaragoza lost two of the last three games against Murcia. On top of that, Murcia are playing relatively confidently at home. Therefore, we believe that Zaragoza will end up as the losers to go out of the hall. UCAM Murcia is currently very certain to be playing at home, which is why we bet on a home win.

You can see more about these two teams in the video below:


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